Marta, 29 Italy
“I was looking for a placement opportunity in marketing. The UK Internship Network introduced me to various options and I chose Straight ltd, a company manufacturing innovative solutions for waste management. My English rapidly improved and my CV became more competitive to other companies’ eyes. Today I live in Milan and work for BMW”
Ana, 26 Spain
“The UK Internship Network introduced me Facultative Technologies Ltd, a multinational operating in the field of design, construction and maintenance of cremators and incineration equipment. After 4 months internship I was offered a job by the company and I have been employed by them for more than 2 years
Simone, 22 Italy
“As this was my first internship experience, I was very sceptical about my management and work life abilities. Here at Brandon Medical I had the opportunity to test my skills and join an incredible group of professionals, who helped me out building a better future for my career after finishing my studies at Politecnic of Turin. The UK internship Network did a great job”
Vincenzo, 23 Italy
“UK Internship Network helped me not just to find a company but also supported me morally and practically during my first 2 months at Top Screen Media . After 2 months the company decided to employ me as as software developer. Given my basic level of English I did not think would have been this easy.”