UK Internship Network aims to create win-win situation for both the undergraduates/graduates and the companies:

  • interns can get the experience they need to boost their employability;
  • UK companies can recruit well educated and high skilled workforce at a very low cost.

An internship programme gives companies the opportunity to assess the intern abilities during a 3/6 months period with no obligations to take them on permanently.

Interns can also be important to start new projects, fill in during the holidays and carry out daily tasks giving the staff more time to focus on more important tasks.

Hosting young international intern can also introduce new language skills as well as new enthusiasm within the company contributing to make the work environment more pleasant.

The UK Internship Network service for companies is simple and straightforward with a total cost of 500 GBP:

1) Companies express the interest using the online form (free of charge). We will contact them within 36 hours to discuss needs and, within a few days, introduce some potential intern profiles that match the companies’ requirements.

2) After the company assessment we will arrange the interview with the graduates/undergraduates selected (free of Charge).

3) After the interview and ONLY in case of agreement between you and the person introduced we will charge you 500 GBP.


We receive every day CVs from different type of applicants:

  • Erasmus Plus (ex Leonardo) grant beneficiaries covering travel, food and accommodation expenses . Hosting companies are exempted from National Minimum Wage Legislation: click here
  • National/Regional grant beneficiaries covering travel food and accommodation expenses. Exemption from National Minimum Wage Legislation needs to be check case by case;
  • Applicants able to self-finance the training experience. Exemptions from National Minimum Wage applies only if the applicant will not be involved in any work being performed acting as an observer (work shadow for example) or if he can be considered a volunteer;
  • Applicants needing some form of cost reimbursement . National Minimum Wage Legislation applies.

The decision whether and in which form to take an intern on should be done through the interview which we can arrange for free.

More info about regulations foo internships:

Please, for more info about our service, read Terms & Condition for Companies.

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