The UK Internship Network was created from the experience of young professionals with different nationalities, education backgrounds and work experiences with a fundamental common point: deep knowledge of the English business environment. We have been working for years as professionals in the UK and have developed hundreds of contacts with companies all over the country.

sectors We aim to provide the European young people, keener and keener to move, a good starting point to obtain the professional and linguistic skills to face the high competition characterizing the current labour market worldwide. All this avoiding the very expensive masters or post graduate training course which very often fail to reach the very basic objective to create an effective link with the business world.

We know the difficulties that students go through when they finish or are about to finish the universities. Almost all of them recognize the importance of both beeing fluent in English and having a work experience abroad as crucial elements to develop the potential and professionalism. Many of them do not know where to start to realize these plans not having the necessary level of experience to make the right decisions. Some of them wrongly assuming it will be an easy “journey” fail to make the right plans and end up working in coffees or restaurants with no career chances. Others being afraid of making important choices without the necessary support and advice just give up.

What makes our organization different to other similar services provider is our approach to the person applying over the entire decision making process. We do not sell simple intermediation and matching services. We share our knowledge of the UK market and provide the person applying with a step by step guidance to guarantee the best possible outcome and reduce the possible negative emotional impact that moving to another country could generate.

Our personal stories represent our main strength. We all left our countries to get to the UK some years ago. We are very well aware of the difficulties of such a “journey” because we went through them and somehow we made it.

Now we want to share our experiences and give who is about to do the same the necessary tips to be successful. During our careers, being involved in accountancy and business consulting in different areas, we developed long term business relationships with hundreds of companies in the UK. That allows us to promote and create internship opportunities otherwise nonexistent.